Permanent Residency (PR)

Vanuatu PR affords you to enter and live in Vanuatu anytime you want, for however long you want, without visa requirement. And it only takes 5 days!


It’s the fastest PR program in the world. Within one working day, you can have a PR from a commonwealth country with 100% success rate. No need to come to Vanuatu, no need to stay in Vanuatu, no need to explain your income, no requirement for language. All application documents only need scanned copy.

Vanuatu PR means you can enter and live in Vanuatu anytime you want, for however long you want, without visa requirement.

In the meantime, it gives you an identification to prove that you have obtained another country’s Permanent Residency, which can help you in various ways according to your need. For example, at certain countries, in order to send your kid to a distinguished private school, it requires the family has another Country’s PR.

Also, for the people who actually wanted to come and live in a carefree life in the paradise islands of Vanuatu, if you live in Vanuatu with this PR for 10 years, you are able to obtain Vanuatu citizenship. 


1) You must be over 18

2) You must have a valid passport

3) You must have a police clearance

4) You must have asset proof of USD $350,000

Application documents checklist:

1) Passport copy (every applicant) 

2) Health Report copy or letter from your doctor (every applicant)

3) Passport photo (every applicant) 

4) Police clearance notarized copy (Main applicant and spouse only)

5) At least 350,000 USD asset proof (Main applicant only)

6) Marriage certificate (Spouse only)

7) Birth Certificate (Child only)

8) Application form filled and signed (Main applicant only)

What is the process & timeline?

Permanent Residency (PR) process takes up to 5 days:

1) Complete application & submit documents to us at PACIFIC STARS

2) PR card and PR letter is issued and shipped DHL to client

*No need to come to Vanuatu

**If you live in Vanuatu for 10 years, you are able to obtain citizenship

Cost & Terms?

Cost is $7,500 per adult

Payment Terms: Full 100% ($7500) after DD check is clear and all docs provided.

Where do I start?

We're appointed by the Government of The Republic of Vanuatu to assist you every step of the way. Start by contacting us today to answer questions, request more information or ask about life on Vanuatu.